OPS full form and Meaning of ops, its information

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ops full form 

Ops this term is used in the office of  public safety.  This term is used in United States government agencies.  This term is used for public safety offices. 

 meaning of ops 

Ops  is used for the office of public safety.  This is a government agency.  This agency was established in 1957 . This office is giving training to police and other police allies . 

 other full form of ops 

ops stand for in other department in other country like for below given detail 

  1. Ottawa police service – this full form used in Ottawa police in Canada 
  2. optical parking system – this term used in the whole world for this term used for parking service concept it shows distance from obstacle on screen and vehicle position .
  3.  Oracle parallel server –  this ops stand for networking system
  4.  oxygen system – this term is used in space science
  5.  optical packet switching – this term used in telecommunication
  6.  other personal service – in this term used in job title 
  7. other permanent shareholder – this used for stock exchange for permanent shareholder 
  8. operational project stock -this term used in military and defence purpose 
  9. operation centre – this term used in military and defence
  10. Off premises station – this  term used in computer and networking system 
  11. Ops package system – this term used in  software field

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