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My village, today we are going to write an essay on my village essay. this essay asks in an exam .Lets write essay  This essay can have multiple titles. 

My village is a fantastic place. My village is in Satara taluka of Satara district. I mean remember the history of Shivaji Maharaj. My taluka and my small village in it is covered with thick bushes, mountains, mountain ranges, rivers and waterfalls. My village is the last point of the taluka. Thoseghar is the name of my village and is famous for the name of the village for the waterfall. The rainy season is like a dream come true. 

We all siblings have to learn in Satara. But we always go to the village on our holidays. The village is our old Kaula’s house. Uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers and grandfathers live in our house. We have cows in our house. We go to the forest with them on holidays. We also have a bullock cart. Sitting in her, our grandparents take us around and take us to the forest.

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 The population of our village is between 2000 and 5000. Our village has all the Kaularu houses. Everyone has cattle at home. We also have cattle in our house. Everyone in our village farms. Potatoes and peas are grown in the rainy season but in summer we feel water scarcity so our village does not take them in summer. Everyone has a little farm. Therefore, animal husbandry is the main occupation. As our village is a tourist destination, the youth of the village get employment here. They have hotels here. 

Our village does not have a problem with drinking water as the river flows nearby. Our village was very much like that. 

The village has a post office and also Satara District Bank. Due to all these things, we villagers do not have to go to another village and there is also a milk collection center in the village so the farmer puts milk in the village and does not go out. 

 We go to the farm on holidays. There is also Koyna reservoir at some distance from the village. There we go swimming and walking. There are three big waterfalls near our village and many people come to see these waterfalls and there are also big windmills on the hill next to the village. It is so beautiful that people from the cities come here for a walk. The people of our village live together.

 Our village has a school till 7th standard and all the children of the village go to that school. Our village was number one in the cleanliness campaign so our village is very clean and tidy and people try to keep it clean. Our village is also Hagandari door free. 

In our village, there is a temple of Lord Mahadev built with a loop. The fair is held here once a year. This temple is very crowded on fair days. Every day we take a holiday and come to the village. In this temple, Aarti is sung every evening and there are also bhajans. There are three temples in the village but they are smaller than the temple of Mahadev and these new temples have been built. The temple of Mahadev is very beautiful. This temple was built during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

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The village has all the Kaularu houses. It rains a lot in our area, so you can see the houses covered with grass. Ganpati and Navratri festivals are celebrated on a large scale in the village. There is a Ganpati Mandal in the village. 

There are very few shops in our village. There is one grocery store, one medical and the other two to three shops. There is also a small government hospital. The weekly market in our village is not full. We go to another village for the weekly market. Our village is small so the weekly market in our village is not full. In our village there is also a training in which all the roots of the village go to exercise. Our village does not have a playground, but we do not need a field, because there is a large plateau on the side of the hill. On top of that we play games like tunes, cricket etc. There are a lot of trees around our village and a lot of birds come there so we feel very beautiful. 

 Our village is so beautiful that anyone will fall in love at any moment. We love our village very much. The city has busy roads. Also, there is traffic, there is crowd and there is a lot of noise, but there is nothing like that in our village. Our village is a beautiful, quiet and beautiful place and I love this village very much.

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