MIDC full form and MIDC meaning, its detail information

Today we will all see midc full form . We go to some industrial colony for work. When you go there, the first thing you see is a sign that says MIDC, or people who go to work in industrial estates, if you ask them where they work, they tell them that they work in MIDC.

At that time we naturally have a question, what is MIDC, today we will answer all such questions. 

what is full form of midc

MIDC is a scheme of Government of Maharashtra under which land has been reserved for industrial zone in all districts. Land and water are made available for the industries involved in it. Such a reserved industrial estate is called MIDC MIDC. 

midc long form 

MAHARASHTRA INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION {Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. Different companies make their products in this area, which develops the surrounding area and provides employment opportunities to the local people. MIDC is an industrial estate that comes under government scheme. The government makes the land available at a discounted rate. 

 full form of midc – 

Meghalaya Industrial Development Corporation. This is the full form of Meghalaya State Industrial Zone. In which industrial colonies like Maharashtra were created, industrial colonies were created in the state of Meghalaya. 

When did MIDC start? 

MIDC stands for Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. Maharashtra Industrial Development Act 1961 was enacted into law. 

Midc stand for 

 corporation which manufactures cold storage food, truck medicines, scooters, bicycles, etc. This facilitates the supply of roads, water and electricity in the Industrial Corporation Industrial Estate. Focuses on such works as water supply. 

 The Government of Maharashtra has set up the Industrial Development Corporation for the purpose of creating maximum employment. Mahamandals were formed in every district and some talukas in Maharashtra.

The Industrial Corporation will be formed in Pune or Thane, Panvel and Mumbai Pimpri Chinchwad. If you like the information I have given you, please comment in the comment box below and share it with your friends. 

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