kurla day and matka, satta are same like share market .

What is Kurla day. Kurla day  is a type of betting pot or betting. Matka or betting is now banned in India. we give information about matka and shear market and its terms. If you are involved in a satta or speculation business, you could be charged or imprisoned. There are Kalyan Matka King, DP Boss, Net Matka DP Boss, DP Boss, online websites. There are Matka websites that run online. The government is encouraging people from playing Matka. This website is used to play the lucky number of Matka online or get information about it. 

 Is the stock market like a matka

Why the stock market is a type of investment is different from a pot or speculation. In the stock market, you can own or buy a company. When you buy a stock, you can make a profit by selling the shares as the price increases as it gives you a bonus out of the profit. The stock market is government approved. 

In which many companies are registered they raise capital through the stock market. When the company wants capital, the company registers new in the stock market is called ipo. Through it, investors can buy new shares of that company. Intraday means buying and selling shares in one day at risk. 

They take advantage of the fluctuations in the stock market to buy and sell stocks in large quantities and sell or buy them at a small margin and make a profit. This is called intraday. There are intraday risk types, but they are different. 

What is option

 an option? The concept of option is in the stock market. This is an option for those who cannot afford to buy high priced shares. 

What is kurla day

 Kurla day or DP Boss Website. DP Boss Website Matka Game Online gives lucky number. That Matka gives online results This website gives fast Matka online results. This website gives lucky number. Show the result of this website. It is all illegal. It is banned in our country. 

What is kalyan chart 

 Kalyan Chart Kalyan Chart is Matka’s website which shows the result of Matka. The Kalyan Matka Milan Day Night and other Matkas have been around since independence but are now banned. 

Betting is played by a lot of people in our country. Many wonder who started it and who discovered it. Satta Matta Matka has been played in India since time immemorial. As the world became more modern, so did its appearance. The game originated in post-independence India. Even though it is banned in India, people play this game by stealing. Many people in the country are curious about how Satta Matka is played and what are its rules or its types. 

Satkamatka meaning 

a numbers game of money. When you choose a number, you put money on top of it. If you get the number, you get the amount you paid. Betting is placed on the winning team or horse in cricket football or race. If your team wins, you get paid, but if your team moves a little, you lose money. This type of betting is legal in many countries around the world but is banned in India. Matka is a crime by law. The game of pot numbers is different from betting. 

In the old days, a pot was taken and numbers were written in it and lots were drawn. A note is drawn from the pot and the number on the note is won and he gets paid. Hence the name Matka. 

Matka meaning 

business has been played since ancient times. But Ratan Khatri is credited with giving India a comprehensive and disciplined approach since 1970. It was developed by Ratan Khatri but with the advent of new technology in the world, the game’s popularity waned. 

 Kalyan Matka is the name of Matka. If you invest in it, you are shown the results on the website DP Boss. If you are lucky then your number will benefit you. 

 What is dp boss 

DP Boss DP Boss.net. dpboss.com is a website. This website displays online results. Results are displayed daily on the website. This website is very popular all over the country. Matka Chart, Boss Matka, Kalyan Matka, Kalyan Result Matka, Jodi and other Matka betting results are displayed on this website. Some numbers are also removed. This website is banned in some countries. Satta Matka website is illegal in this country. This website also shows about single leaf, half sungum, dable patti, jody, patti jodi. 

What is DP Boss Fix Pair? Fix Pair on

 DP Boss Net is a pair of numbers. This is called fix jodi. She is likely to get a number in the pot. Visit the DP Boss dot note for a fixed leaf or a fixed pair of water. 

What is a final ank 

final ank? This number is likely to be the final number.  

What is DP Boss Final Result?

 DP Boss Kalyan Matka or Kalyan Satka Matka Result is also shown online, it is called DP Boss Final Result. 

meaning of final ank 

The final number is the gassing number in the Satka Matka and kurla day matka . A lucky number on the website or fortune telling. 

Nowadays people are getting more and more fascinated about Matka Satka. If people are putting their money on Matka every day then these people are showing numbers or Final Issue Final Issue Kalyan Matka DP Boss Dot Net Milan Day Final Welfare Issue Final Issue Rajdhani Knight Rajdhani Night Chart. 

today matka final result 

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 What is  Rajdhani Chart

 Rajdhani Chart is a type of Matka like krula day  . Rajdhani Matka is very old and its result is also published online and offline. Rajdhani Chart Result is also seen in some apps. The following are some capital chart app 

1. When the Rajdhani Matka app came on the market in 2021, you will be shown the Matka results online. You need to log in to this app to see the result. You need to do some registration. 

2. satka matka result – This app came on the market on June 21, 2021. You can easily see the matka result. 


 We do not promote makta and satta, kurla day .we give its history and information. We compare the share market with matka and give information about it. People do play gambling and avoid these illegal things. 

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