if i become a teacher essay in English for students

if i become a teacher essay

if i become a teacher essay -if i become a teacher I try to adopt new teaching methods. Make children interested in learning. I will try to give practical knowledge to the children without giving them book knowledge.

 Today children are just bookworms so I will try to develop them holistically by giving them practical knowledge. I will try to know the problem of each student and try to solve that problem. Even though everyone is getting education today, I will try my best to give good education in school to stop the need for private tuition for children as they do not understand what is being taught in school. 

In school, only textbooks are taught but rituals are not performed. I will try to give good etiquette to the children who are getting addicted in school so that they become good citizens. 

Karen will try to reduce the burden of the child’s education. I will give them the experience of playing and learning in an open environment. 

if i am a teacher essay in english

I will teach children how to deal with crises, how to deal with them and how to be successful. I want to make them students so that they will face any crisis in the world. 

My students have opportunities in the future. How to prepare from now on in which field you can pursue a career. I will fully guide the changes in the field of education and skills required. 

If I become a teacher, I will try to find out what you can do in the field of student sports and how to be a leader in it. . If I become a teacher, I will guide the student on how to stay stress free, how to study and how to focus.

Today’s students are future citizens, it is the teacher’s job to make them good citizens, so I will guide them on how to become good citizens of tomorrow. I will try to instill patriotism in the child as well as increase brotherhood and friendship. 

There is a high incidence of addiction in children today. Even a child who is 16 years old is addicted. So I will guide the children on how to stay away from addiction and how to make good friends. this  if i become a teacher essay help you in exam thank you .

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