Guide On How to Fill a Cheque

In India many people not literate who are unable to fill checkbooks, and those people who are literate these people also can not fill cheque accurately and we see in these blog guide on how to fill a cheque.

In India bank has crowded place . if you do not fill cheque properly so bank rejects your and banks worker can not help on urgent basis. because of huge customer base so accurate cheque filling is an important thing and every person have to learn this thing. in this blog we give suggestion how to fill a checkbook.

For withdrawing cash or money in a bank account holder write a cheque for withdrawing cash proper cheque writing is important. for avoiding chaos  correct writing of cheque is important.

how to fill a cheque

The Following Point Shows How To Fill a Cheque

1. date – date on cheque is very important for withdrawing cash. date on cheque is must be last 3 months. if the date on cheque is next day date then the bank can not pay money . so you have to write today date or write a date on which day you withdraw money. write a date in this format dd/mm/yyyy.

2. signature – sign in front of cheque and on the backside of cheque, write an accurate signature on a cheque .which you give on the bank, if you not draw right signature then bank not pass the cheque. Draw signature on the right bottom side of the cheque above your name.

3.amount in a word – write amount in the word if you want to withdraw 5000/- then you have to write five thousand in word. with a capital letter because capital letters are hard to alter so use a capital letter.

4. amount in number or in numeric form – write the amount in numeric form in a small box which shows on the right side of the cheque. write the figure on the right side of the box to prevent fraud.

5.payee – this line or word show on the cheque, in this line you have to write the payee name or organization name you are paying. write the accurate and full name of the payee on the cheque.

This point help and guide on how to fill a cheque.

Types of Cheque In The Bank

In India mainly bearer and ac payee cheque mostly used, another type of the cheque are rarely used. following are the main types of a cheque that are used in the Indian banking industry.

1. Bearer cheque – bearer cheque means money on your hand. because you have to just give cheque to the bank and withdraw money directly. 

if your cheque lost then another person can withdraw money from the bank this is the main risk of bearer cheque .

In bearer cheque you just have to write self. if you give cheque someone else then write this person name on cheque and withdraw money from the bank.

2. Account payee cheque or crossed cheque – In this type of cheque you do not withdraw money directly from the cash counter.this cheque first deposited into your account .

mostly organization used this type of cheque because this type of cheque is more secure than any other type of cheque. In this type of you have wright ac payee on the left-hand side of cheque or two crossed line on the left corner of the cheque.

3. Post-dated cheque – this type of cheque is similar to bearer cheque only postdate write on the cheque. if you write next month’s date on cheque then this cheque clear on that date on today.this type of cheque will be valid on that date on the current date.

4.Order cheque –

 in this type of cheque whose name is written on cheque this particular person gets money, not another person gets money like bearer cheque. 

if you want to give this cheque to another person then you have to write this person on the backside of the cheque and sign on backside with the effect of this person get money.

5. Gift cheque – 

this type of cheque used by an organization or function organizer for giving a gift to winner or participator of function. in this type of cheque, you have to just submit your gift cheque to the bank and you will get money. 

this is used for someone who wants to give a gift to another person then this type of cheque is used. if you want this type of cheque for giving a gift to someone else then you have to pay an extra charge to your bank.

6. Traveler cheque – 

this type of cheque used in a foreign country when any go for traveling to another county than this type of cheque used but for this, you have to demand your bank for the cheque. 

this type of cheque not used because of a debit card, credit card, and online payment mode.

Guide On How To Fill a Cheque Deposit Slip

If you get a cheque from the company or from any person then you have two option. if this is bearer then you can withdraw money from the bank. if this is crossed cheque then you have to deposit into your account. so we see how to fill deposit slip for cheque deposit into account –

how to fill a cheque deposit slip

How To Fill a Cheque In India

In India many customers do not understand or get confused in writing of cheque. 

In other country people are educated and aware of financial knowledge. so they can easily write a proper cheque. in India cheque format are different than another country so we show you how to fill a cheque in India with example.

How To Fill a Cheque For Self

you want to withdraw money from your account you use cheque. if you not fill a cheque leaf with proper and accurate bank refuse to pay to you. so you have to fill a cheque accurately. 

To withdraw cash from your account you have to use the word self. so below the image of the cheque show and help you how to fill a cheque for self.

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