Full form of STET and meaning of STET, abbreviation of STET.

today we see the full form of STET. Many people ask about the STET .  so we give detailed information about STET .

STET stands for – state teacher eligibility test . This is  the meaning of STET . 

meaning of STET and  another full form 

  1. Singapore technology educational training
  2.  specialised technique for efficient typesetting 
  3. the English  teaching 
  4. Stitching the English theatre
  5.  stitching the English theatre 
  6. systematic training for effective teaching 

other long form

  1. STET –  this is a story written by gailey . 
  2. STET –  science fiction fanzine.
  3. STET –  this is used for folding text editors.
  4. STET – this  is a homeland security service based in Singapore. 
  5. STET – missouri  is an incorporated society in the US.

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