ecg full form in English and meaning of ecg

Today we are going to look at ecg full form and its ecg meaning. The word ecg is related to the medical field. It is related to the diagnosis of heart disease as well as the state of electrical impulses of the heart. 

 full form of ecg

– electrocardiogram is the full form of ecg. This test helps you to see if you have had a heart attack and what the severity of the condition is. Helps to diagnose heart disease. The ecg consists of four electric waves called st segment, t wave, qrs complex, p wave. This helps to know who has a heart attack and whether he has had a heart attack in the past. It all helps us to know how much he had a heart attack. 

Stress test ecg – Sometimes this test is done to measure the stress that comes on the heart while working out or exercising. 

Event Recorder – Event Recorder means never notice any symptoms while ecg. In this case, they test the event recorder, in which they record the electrical heart rate using some equipment. 

What is the problem with? What is the problem with 

This is a simple test. 

What is the advantage of ecg. – Ecg can detect the risk of stroke or heart attack as well as heart attack. It can be remedied. If there is a heart disorder, it can be detected in time. 

meaning of ecg 

ecg test – ecg is also tested in a very short time. This takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The result is known immediately. Pandas are attached to the human body during ecg. These pands are connected to the ecg machine. These pands are attached to the hands, feet, chest of a person. There are different charges for ecg in different places. Fees range from five hundred to a thousand.  

 ecg diagnosis

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