Best Format For Bank Transfer Application In 2021

Best Format For Bank Transfer Application In 2021

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Many customers leave the city for job reasons or for children’s education. At that time his bank account he wanted to transfer from one city to another city branch.Following is the best format for bank account transfer application.

 So for transferring a bank account a customer has to write an application for this and give it to his home branch and the customer can also give an application to another branch where he wants to transfer his account. 

The Manager

Subject – transfer of account from this branch to ………… branch.

Name – ……………………………………

Sir/madam I have a saving account in your branch for the last ….. years .this saving account number is …………….. I would like to inform you of that. I have in the recent past transferred to a new city ……… because of job/children education.

Sir, I request you to please transfer my saving account from your branch to this ……. branch
I am enclosing my addhar card, pan card photocopy for your KYC requirement and appropriate charges to be debited from my saving account for transferring my saving account.

Kindly do this for needful
Thank you
Yours faithfully

signature of the account holder
Name of the account holder


If a company or firm changes its current business location to a new city at that time for making easy transactions, a company or firm can change its bank account to a new city bank branch. 

at that time bank account transfer application is important because banks demand this for changing bank branches

To                                                                                                       Date –
The manager.
Branch name –

Subject – Bank current account transfer from this branch to another branch.
Company name –

Sir our company or firm has an account in your branch from last ….. Years bearing account number is ……… ….. The company has transferred its office from its current address to the new city. So for making easy transactions please transfer our company account to the new address branch. Our company directors passed a resolution at our company meeting.

So please transfer our company’s current account to a new branch and debit appropriate charge from our company account. We enclose herewith a copy of the resolution for account transfer.

Kindly do this needful

Thanking you
Yours faithfully
signature and stamp


bank account transfer application in marathi

बँक मध्ये खाते वर्ग करण्यासाठी एक अर्ज करावा लागतो काही व्यक्तींना तो अर्ज भरण्यास येत नाही अशा व्यक्तींना मदत तसेच एक मसुदा उदाहरण म्हणून आम्ही खाली दिलेला आहे .

बँक मॅनेजर                                                             दिनांक
शाखा –

विषय – बँक अकाउंट ची शाखा बदलणे बाबत
नाव – 

महोदय माझे आपल्या बँक मध्ये बचत खाते वर्षांपासून आहे . त्या खात्याचा नो – हा आहे . तरी मी नोकरी निमित्त शहर सोडून दुसऱ्या शहरामध्ये कुटुंबाबरोबर राहावयास जात आहे. तरी मला हिते येऊ न व्यवहार करण्यास अडचण येईल म्हणून माझे बचत खाते त्या शहरामध्ये आपल्या बँक च्या शाखा मध्ये वर्ग करावे हि विनंती .

मी माझा बँक अकाउंट ट्रान्सफर अँप्लिकेशन बरोबर KYC जोडत आहे त्या मध्ये आधार कार्ड व पॅन कार्ड जोडत आहे . तसेच खाते वर्ग करण्यास जो खर्च येईल ते पैसे बचत खाते मध्ये debit करावे .


अगर आपको खाता को दूसरे शहर में ट्रांसफर करना हे तो आपको कागज पे लिखकर देना होगा। इसमें आपको आपका खाता कहा भेजना हे वो लिखना हे और इसके सिवाए आपको kyc इसके साथ जोड़ना हे।

बैंक मैनेजर
शाखा –

विषय – बैंक खाते को दूसरे शहर में वर्ग करनेबाबत
नाम –

महोदय मेरा आपके बैंक में बचत खाता हे। उस खाते का नंबर – ये हे। महोदय मेरा काम की वजसे दूसरे शहर में तबदला हो गया हे तो इस कारन में इस बैंक शाखा में व्यवहार कर नहीं सकता.

 कृपया मेरा बचत खाता उस शहर में ट्रांसफर कर दीजिये। में इस एप्लीकेशन के साथ मेरा kyc डॉक्यूमेंट जोड़ रहा हु जिस में मेरा आधार कार्ड और पैन कार्ड जोड़ रहा हु।
तो कृपया आपसे विनती हे की आप मेरा बचत खाता उस शहर के शाखा में ट्रांसफर कर दीजिये और उस जो भी खर्चा हे उसे मेरे खाते से डेबिट कर दीजिये।



If someone’s job location changed at that time he needs to transfer his savings account from his current branch to a new location or a new city. 

For changing his bank branch, that customer needs to write a proper application with enclosing KYC. 

For changing bank branch customer has to follow the following steps

1.Visit branch – if you want to change bank branch then you have to visit your home branch. Some banks offer to their customers.

 He can transfer to a new branch without giving a written application to the existing branch and not to visit this branch but give a written application to the new branch.

 2.Application – if you want to transfer bank branch  then you have to write a proper application in any language. in this application, you have to write the reason why you want to transfer account to new branch and where you want to transfer.

3.Bank account form – when your bank transfers your account to a new branch then you have to visit your new branch and fill the account opening form for the bank record. Some banks do not demand account opening forms filled by customers.

4.Bank account number – if you transfer your saving account to another branch then your account number will not change.

5.Ifsc code – if you change your branch then your ifsc code will be changed. Your new branch ifsc code is your new ifsc code. 

6.Passbook – if you change your branch then you have to change your passbook.

7.Cheque book – when you change your bank branch at that time your ifsc code changes so you have to demand a new checkbook because your old cheque book has old ifsc code so change cheque book .return your old cheque book to bank . 

bank branch transfer process

Bank Account Branch Transfer Application With Example

To                                                                                            date – 02-05-2022
the Manager
State bank of India
Pune branch

Subject – bank branch transfer application
Name – Manoj Kumar
Account no – 456225589635

Respected, sir I have a saving account in your branch for the last 5 years. I am currently working at tata motors, the company transferred to me Noida so sir I can not make new transactions in this branch in future.

 So sir I request you to please transfer my saving account to the Noida branch.
I attach KYC with this application and also deduct account transfer charges from my account.
Yours faithfully

Guideline For SBI Bank Online Branch Transfer

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India and it has a large customer base. many people left one place for any reason at that time. 

People’s accounts remain with that place and people can not reach or not go to that place for time reasons so people find an online solution on how to transfer sbi bank branch online account transfer. 

We give a perfect guide on how to transfer branches online. Following are the steps you should follow – 

1. Open a sbi website – open state bank of India website –
2. Use Password – using your password and username in the personal banking link
3. E-service – use the e-service link and click on this link
4. Transfer of saving account link – use e-service link and then use the transfer of saving account link.
5. Select your account – then select the account to which you want to transfer this branch to another branch.
6. New branch code – type your new branch code and select branch name which automatically show after branch code type
7. Otp generated – when you select branch name then click confirm button then OTP generated and it sends to your account linked mobile number
8. Input mobile OTP – on the next page of the website type the OTP number which you get on your mobile number and then click the confirm button your process will finish and it shows a success message.

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