baby shower meaning in detail and what is baby shower.

Today we are going to see a baby shower meaning  . Many people go to the programs and see a board. Baby shower Many people get confused after reading that word. What is the meaning of baby shower in Marathi? Let us see it today.

The meaning of baby shower 

what is baby shower – A baby shower program means a party organized by a family who is expecting a baby. This function is arranged in 7 th month of pregnancy .They arrange baby shower decorations like marriage and other functions .

A baby shower is now widely celebrated in India. Such events include a baby shower board. This is exactly what some people get confused about at that time. Baby shower is an Indian historical program. It is called a baby shower meaning in English

baby shower in india  

– time or period  before pregnancy which is celebrated by family and friends .  People don’t understand the word baby shower as it is an English word. In rural areas, people do not understand what a baby shower means. We are giving its Baby shower information  to those who don’t know English well. The word is new to them, they do not mean it in time.

baby shower  Examples –

1. You have to come to my baby shower program. 

2. Rajesh brings items for tomorrow’s baby shower program. 

3. Today i book Hall for the baby shower program. 

4.. How many people will attend your baby shower program ?

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