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Today we will see the absolutely meaning in English. We use the English word but we are giving complete information about the meaning of absolutely and the word absolutely to all the people who never know its Synonyms .  

absolutely meaning

absolutely means – absolutely, completely, absolutely, of course, completely support, completely support, making a support  without giving any explanation, unconditionally, without conditions, these are all meanings of absolutely. 

Explanation of absolutely – 

We will see the meaning of absolutely. We will see how the word is used in Marathi. 

1. The word is used to indicate that something is going to happen. 

2. To do something without asking any questions. 

3. To give full consent for something 

. To say yes emphatically 

5.to do something without any condition 

Absolute meaning 

1. Contactless 2. Useless 3. The whole 4. The ultimate truth 5. Unbroken 6. Absolutely 7. Absolutely 8. 9 without using conditions. Autonomous 10. Absolutism 

Absolutism meaning 

1 Absolute principle 

2. Dictatorship 

3. Absolute 

4. Bebandshahi 

5. Absolutely 

Example of  absolutely meaning 

  1.  I will definitely support you 
  2. He trusted her absolutely – 
  3. Which language you speak, absolutely marathi
  4. Absolutely I pay your money on time 
  5.  Absolutely i write all my notes. 

Definition of absolutely

absolutely is a word used to mean to do something any condition or  Such as 

1. I will definitely meet you 

2. Definitely There really was a snake there. 

3.absolutely I will give you time to remember 

4. Of course, Your hand made biryani was really good.

5 It will definitely give you time in the future

6. of course, No one will play with you anymore 

absolutely synonyms

  1. Utterly 
  2. Dead 
  3. Perfectly
  4. Definitely
  5. Totally 
  6. Without Any question 
  7. unquestionably

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